Thursday, August 29, 2013

Seen/Scene: Mishou Sanchez Solo Show @ Rhino Studios

[From the Lost Files of the Summer of 2013...]

Mishou Sanchez is a Renaissance Woman: Multiple degrees, Architect, Artist, Interior Designer, Multimedia, and more, she is also brimming with ideas about culture and art, some of which she has put into practice. She turned cargo containers into gallery spaces on a greens outside of Tampa, and did so without government money. Mishou's vision is a benign, unpretentious, irresistible force oriented toward community and a better future. I recently met with her, and after three hours of energized brainstorming, I left with a renewed sense of hope for the near future of the arts in the Bay Area -- and the world. For more, see here: [Link].

This solo show took place on June 15th, 2013 at Rhino Studios on the 600 Block. It was a mix from her female Geisha/Ninja and the famous persons series. Here are a few pictures from that evening.

Mishou Sanchez, "Mishou", from Geisha Ninja Series.

Mishou Sanchez, "Sophia", Geisha Ninja Series

Mishou Sanchez, "Mitzi", Geisha Ninja Series.

In this series, the artist has painted representations of herself, Sophia Renee, a renowned photographer of men and Mitzi Gordon, who runs Articulate, is on important boards, and owns the Book Bus, and more. Three women in the arts, in kimonos, depicted as Geishas. The two symbols, or kanji for the word mean "art" "doer". They are entertainers and hostesses who perform traditional art forms in Japan. In these paintings they wield swords and are also Ninjas. From Wikipedia: "A ninja (忍者?) or shinobi (忍び?) was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan who specialized in unorthodox warfare. The functions of the ninja included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination, and open combat in certain situations.[1] Their covert methods of waging war contrasted the ninja with the samurai, who observed strict rules about honor and combat."
This series redefines the woman artist into a multidimensional role with a martial aspect.

Gallery view, all work shown by Mishou Sanchez.

Congratulations to Mishou Sanchez for a good show.

--- Luis

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