Friday, September 30, 2011

ArtOn! Central's Live Arts Festival

I got a late start crossing the Bay to this ArtOn! Central [Link] festival, getting there at around 3 PM. It was raining hard, and artists were packing up as water pooled in the low spots into deep puddles. I ran into a soaked Sarah Thee Campagna, and had a nice talk with her and her husband while they packed up. [Link] Also spoke with the guys from the SWINGS project [Link]. There will be a post-monsoon season rain date announced soon.

A few pictures...

Packing up...

The crew from SWINGS, which offers viewers a chance to become participants and paint swings which are later erected in playgrounds. So far they have installed 64 swings. Bravo!

Congratulations to ArtOn! Central for putting on a great event, even if it got rained out on this one (it's Florida in the rainy season, what can you do?), though I heard it went well before the rains came. I look forward to the rain date and to another event coming up later in the year.

--- Luis

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