Friday, September 23, 2011

CL Best of the Bay Awards

Hierarchical ratings like Creative Loafing's are fun, but don't do much for me. It's too much like watching a Miss America Pageant or a very short reality show. "The Best" were not chosen by popular vote but by CL's own writers, who also create the categories.

Having said all that, congratulations to:

Gianna Russo
Jono Vaughan
Paul Pavlovich
Cristina Garcia
Josh Pearson
West Tampa Center for The Arts
USF's Contemporary Arts Museum
HCC Ybor Gallery and Performing Arts

--- Luis

1 comment:

  1. Luis,

    I agree. I wish there was more input from unbiased voters. How can it be the best of when only a few chosen do the voting?

    But thanks for posting it!