Friday, September 9, 2011

PBR show @ the Sake Bomb Bar

Pabst Blue Ribbon beer is one of those products that enjoyed a resurrection with the advent of the hipster. Now PBR is seen at openings in many galleries and art parties. The company has art programs/shows for its consumers [Link] all centered on the PBR experience, and one of these is the subject of this blog. It was shown at the Sake Bomb bar, a spacious, classic watering hole at 548 Central in St. Pete. This is a bar that generously does double duty as an arts space, hosting shows on a regular basis.   [Link].

A few highlights from the show...

Mike/Bill Atomic Tattoos, untitled.

On the left, this mixed-media collaboration by Mike and Bill of Atomic Tattoos is a cheery mockpocalyptic vision (2012 is around the corner) of icy meteorites and a larger PBR barreling towards a cliff where hardy souls are there cheerfully awaiting it. Note that the beer-can bolide is bringing in the coolness.

On the right is a stylish, all-american rendition of the brand name by Philip Clark.

Devon Truong, "High... Low, another Pabst"

On the right, a lonely, conflicted figure of a man, looking like he could walk into a Harry Crews novel or Bukowski poem, sits at a bar, a blue bar, with blue walls, lost in contemplation (or a blank beery moment). Devon Truong's work, "High...Low, another Pabst" was one of this show's highlights. I like the word "Tattoo" on the figure where tattoos would normally be found.

Colleen Mcnally, "Inspired"

PBR as fuel for the artist's imagination. Colleen Mcnally's elegant and graceful "Inspiration" is an Asian themed image of a fashion-conscious neatly dressed artist with a brush on the canvas in her right hand, and a can of PBR firmly in  the grip of her left. And a little bottle of Sake (chaser?). Note the rather freeform nature of the demon she is painting.

Pale Horse, "America's Best"

On the right is Pale Horse's "America's Best, a very commercial, beautifully designed rendition of the ubiquitous can of PBR with a red, white and blue, yellow-bellied, All-American Viper. Chris tells me that's PBR yellow.

BC Woo, untitled

On the left, BC Woo's PBR bluefin tuna, a slick, sleek, dynamic, & simple  commercial rendition of the theme that the company would be wise to consider using.

Samantha Helm, Mean Machine Tattoos, Untitled

A feminine angle on the theme. Here in Samantha Helm's entry, we see a frolicking, smiling, fit fifties' calendar type of girl at the center, surrounded by the usual beer label signifiers, in this case the ribbon, barley & hops.

Geri X, "PBR Classy"

Beer for Breakfast @ Tiffany's. An aged Holly Golightly keeps her diamonds, fashion sense, cool and composure with a cig holder in one hand, and a PBR in the other. Geri X's "PBR Classy" plays well with its referent. Note how the rococo wisp of smoke harmonizes with the figure.

I didn't get the name of this artist or the work (will try do do so tonight), but it's one of the better designs in the show. The Tatoo influence, the deadpan face. labels, stars. hops and literal ribbons
all beautifully integrated.

Random, "Guys are Easy"

Random's "Guys are Easy" is a robby-the-robot like male figure with a huge penile-angled on-off switch, holding a (you guessed) can of PBR.

Jana Novell Frankie D. Tattoos, untitled.

This anatomically correct and labeled cross-section of female genitalia and nether regions unceremoniously states that PBR goes straight to the female ass (!). Looking at this, I can't help but think of the painting as a "Pabst Smear".

Congratulations to PBR for bringing this about, to The Sake Bomb for hosting the show.

--- Luis

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