Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beyond the Glass, Sept. Show @ Duncan McClellan Glass

Duncan McClellan Gallery entrance.

Duncan McClellan's combination Studio/Gallery/Home/Botanical Gardens is a large green warehouse building that used to be a fish cannery. It is now one of the biggest, and larger-than-life,  most highly individuated art spaces in St. Petersburg. Every second Saturday of the month, in conjunction with the Gallery Walk, the gallery has an opening for its current show. [Link]

McClellan Gallery, Main Hall

While Duncan is a glass artist, his gallery exhibits artists in a large variety of media. The picture on the left gives an idea of the space, and this is the front room/hall. See that door in the background, in  the middle? That's the formal gallery space. Note the glass on pedestals in the middle, and the works on the walls on either side. This picture was made early in the evening. An hour later there were at least 4x the number of people there.
The effect is that of a grand Arts Bazaar, with work, artists and viewers milling around, looking, talking, selling, buying, drinking and enjoying the evening.

Vasile Loznianu, "Blown Glass"

These good-sized blown glass pieces by Vasile Loznianu present at about 2.5 feet tall. They are gorgeous decorative pieces in beautiful color.

Work by Richard Logan

There was an exhibit of Richard Logan black-and-white photographs of classical nudes of women. Lavishly printed, the prints are first rate. Note that there are some reflections in the glass that were unavoidable without bringing in a lot more than the small point-and-shoot that I use for the blog.

Work by Richard Logan

These are sensual highly formal works. Some are displayed behind old window frames, the effect being to fracture the image into secondary visual fields.

Dale Rogers, "Joy"

There were several large metal sculptures by Dale Rogers, which I've reviewed here before.

Duncan McClellan Glass

Scott Durfee and George Medeiros make exquisite works of art that happen to function as purses. Industrial grade and organic, the fusion of the two result in truly unique works. [Link]

There were some Ernesto Piloto works on display. Like many of his works, words are an integral part of the image.

Zen Glass Live Glass Blowing

The crew from Zen Glass put on a live glass demonstration, here using the torch to melt and form glass from the rod he is holding in his right hand. Zen Glass hires out as entertainment to do these on-site event demonstrations. The work is very good. [Link]
Cindy Samaha, Jewelry Design

Cindy Samaha brought her beautiful jewelry to DMG. She is a lawyer turned jewelry designer. The work is diverse, quite eye-catching and expertly crafted. She can be contacted @ 727.415.0079.

Massimiliano Schavon was the featured artist in the main gallery, with tribal totems, masks and other sculptures.
Duncan McClellan Glass

There's much more work than shown here, but this should give you an idea of the high level and innovative work at DMG.

Congratulations to Duncan and DMG for a wonderful September opening, shows and party. 2342 Emerson Ave. South. Call 727.421.4141 to arrange for a viewing.

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