Friday, September 16, 2011

PBR Show @ Cafe Hey

View of Cafe Hey & PBR coaster

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer sponsors art shows across the nation in conjunction with local venues. [Link]. Art Taco recently reviewed the PBR show at the Sake Bomb bar in St. Petersburg. [Link]. Cafe Hey (CH) is a beautiful little cafe and eatery located at 1540 N. Franklin Street (just north of the interstate from downtown). They have great poetry readings/open mic nights on Wednesdays, hosted by poetess Nyssa Hanger, show visual art, movies and have concerts on a regular basis. The coffee and food are quite good, and the industrial setting and single-speeds & fixies parked out front all add to the experience.

There were two shows on the walls of Cafe Hey, one the PBR show, the other  an ongoing show of works being auctioned off. Normally CH is very good about preparation with the art shows. This time, I arrived 30 minutes past opening time, and there was art still a work or two being hung, and several works had no visible tags, so there was no way to know the title or author of the work.

Here's some highlights...

A zombie-like, green-faced, grimacing, red-eyed, stylized, geometric figure holding a PBR can in each hand and wearing a golden PBR crown and dressed ind Royal Purple. This could be the personification of the PBR King. The writing-like scrawls in the background and lines on the figure bring dynamism to the figure.

The primordial couple holds up the PBR Blue label while standing atop the city, with a sprig of the hops stemming from where each stands, with a green horizon behind them to match their clothing. Paradise is wherever PBR is.

On the left, a color-field rendition of the theme. On the right, a little boxing ring wherein PBR and a competitor duke it out.

A small, friendly-looking small (fan) cool robot holds out a PBR to the viewer. On the right, PBR goes nuclear...

On the left is what would happen if Mr. Peanut and PBR mated and reproduced. Just think: Liquid beer and peanuts.

Of the works up for auction, this drawing of a torso in the classical style by Anthony Zollo stood out:

Cafe Hey

Congratulations to Cafe Hey and PBR for a good show. Please take care of the label problem next time.

--- Luis

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