Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Street Art: The Green Sentinel.

This untitled work by "Napi" was painted a couple of weeks ago on one of Central Art Supply's legal walls. The yellow/orange flows from an open (soda?) can on the upper left.

On the right is a detail of the upper left corner of the painting. You can just see the edge of the can from where the effervescent yellow cascades. Note the bubbles and white edges. Here the bubbles are as important as any of the other forms, adding depth and dimensionality to the whole.

There's a toothy, carnivorous plant amidst the golden swirls. It is an alert, strong-looking sentinel figure, complete with one visible eye. It is something similar to what the poet Dylan Thomas called "The Force that through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower".  [Link] . Note how the artist incorporated the upper edge of the (barely visible) door inset into the "mouth" of the plant.

Congratulations to "Napi" for an interesting, beautiful piece and to Central Art Supply [Link] for making it possible for many artists to express themselves and for being a fine local arts store.

--- Luis

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