Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Return to Sender @ Tempus Projects, Part II

Work by Cornell Rubino
(Part II)

On the right is a triple portrait in the form of a full-length figure and two other studies of the face. Note the androginy of the subject, and how the faces sequentially increase in size and seem to perhaps mature. The last one is smoking a cigarette.[Link]

Work by JoEllen Schilke

JoEllen Schilke is an artist, hostess of WMNF's "Art in Your Ear" show, and owner of one of my favorite St. Pete haunts, the Globe Cafe. Here there are twenty Buddha (?) heads, each with its own cut-out halo and the same script below each one. The cut-out haloes reveal different parts of an underlying layer.

Work by Anthony Zollo

Anthony Zollo, sculptor, painter and mixed media artist returned this misty blue image of a male figure on a small canoe (?) on water, his hand held up in a gesture that could mean hello or good-bye. This has a nostalgic feel to it.

Viewers and art on opening night @ Tempus Projects

Work by Rebecca Skelton

 A beautifully rendered drawing by Rebecca Skelton. A female face partially superimposed on a pensive-looking classical male figure in the background. The ambiguous look on the face could be interpreted as apprehensive or extremely focused. It also brings to mind the significance of the act of seeing in art. [Link]

Work by Becky Flanders

Becky Flanders, whose work has been reviewed here before, showed a triskelion, (with an extra leg!) an ancient Celtic symbol that originally was composed of three interlocking spirals. It is still used to this day in the flags of countries and as we see here, in art. Becky has included a vaginal form in the center, and pegs or ? behind the knees on the legs. Ms Flanders achieved lasting fame for her self-portraits shown at Mindy Solomon Gallery, causing such scandal that the windows of the gallery were covered with bubble wrap! That show was reviewed here. [Link].

Work by Cynthia Mason

Cynthia Mason's work is three-dimensional, a grid of silver stars connected by thread. I think there was only one other 3D work in the show. This had a whimsical and hypnotic quality. [Link]

Artists Bradley Arthur and Matt Normand

Sculptor and multimedia artist Bradley Arthur's "2 Wrongs don't make a right", is a humorous play on the common saying. What's really different about this work is that Bradley used bits from the mailout package in the work.

Work by Ellen Mueller

Ellen Mueller, who's been reviewed here, made a work consisting of one of those rolling ladders that are used to stock and retrieve things on/from shelves and a color mosaic. That ladder could be taken metaphorically. One thing that came to mind is as a narrative on the function of the artist, to bring things (the colors) in and out of one plane of consciousness and onto or out of another. [Link]

Work by Theo Wujcik

Theo submitted a triad of bottle caps, some old, and the one at the top with a yellow flower and what looked like leaves at the top. I read it as a memoir, and/or a nostalgic affirmation of life and growth. [Link]

I want to congratulate all 94 artists, Tracy, and Tempus Projects for a delightful show.

--- Luis

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