Saturday, September 17, 2011

Voices in the Forest Candace Knapp @ Florida Craftsmen Gallery.

 Candace Knapp is a sculptor who works with wood. She is also a painter, and although there are no paintings in this show, the attention to color in her sculpture brings that to mind.  In her artists' statement she says "I collect the images that float across the surface of my mind during meditation...".  Entering her current show, "Voices in the Forest", at Florida Craftsmen Gallery is like walking into a secret dream Forest.

Candice Knapp, "Voices in the Forest"

Plants, sensuous ones, rise from the floor around you. Impossible, yet plausible animals scurry underfoot and some float, suspended weightlessly. Fish, too. Look up and there's a bit of canopy.  

Candace Knapp, "Perch"

Candace uses a variety of wood in her sculptures, including ash, chinaberry, walnut, purple heart, maple, bass, mahogany and cherry, often laminated, always beautifully finished. On the left is "Perch", a gleefully surreal, rooted arm/gloved hand (like a magician's) with an extended index finger in which a ring is perched, and another two are above it, floating, looking almost like a time lapse. The sequence works forwards and backwards in time. Like many of the other works, this is a light-hearted, wonder-inspiring work that eases one into a dream-like state. The rings gently resonate back and forth, sometimes floating off, others alighting.

Candace Knapp, "Air Lily"

On the right is "Air Lily". Note how on these works, organic forms, curves, volumes, rounded edges, and life are pervasive. This is a benign world, one where everyone thrives and lives in peace. "Air Lily" doesn't hang, in spite of the string you see. It, like so many of these works, floats and enjoins the viewer to do the same.

Candace Knapp, "Mischief Maker"

"Mischief Maker", on the left, is a large folding screen with penguins, a white cow-like creature, a smaller one below, and a blue figure with an enlightened smile with an arm and hand around the penguin on the left.  You may remember Ms. Knapp from the Brava show at Salt Creek Artworks, which was reviewed here [Link].

Candace Knapp "Butterbird"

On the left, "Butterbird" is a sprite-like floating creature that rotates slowly. Sparse, but tightly designed and rich with a sassy, brimming-with-life attitude.

Candace Knapp, "Dorothy"

One of the closer to the ground works, the blue dog-like "Dorothy" has a bird perched on its head, like a guidance system. Note how they're both looking in the same direction.

Congratulations to Candace Knapp and Florida Craftsmen for a beautifully staged show.

501 Central Avenue, St Pete.

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