Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Home Schooling

Declining state revenues and political infighting have resulted in cuts to public school education in Florida (and many other states). Many Florida counties like Broward and Duval are consolidating their arts programs, sharing teachers, reducing the quantity and quality, all in a desperate move to avoid closing out their arts and music programs altogether. And we ranked a not-so-stellar thirty-sixth in per-pupil expenditures (36th out of 50) before these cuts.

If you want your children to get the best education possible, you're going to have to make up this deficit. I know, there's no time, no money, etc., but in this day and age an adult that is illiterate in the arts is at a distinct disadvantage surounded by those who aren't.

Companies who care about their employees and the quality of their work are not going to come here because they know our citizens are lacking in their education, and they don't want their own children to accrue deficits in theirs.

If you have time at home, go on the web and Google Arts Curriculum +Home schooling and step up. If not, there are many local programs that can help. Many of these are Summer programs, and I know summer just ended, but the time to start planning is now. Also, check with the Morean Arts Center in Pinellas. In Hillsborough with The Tampa Museum.

In between, increase your children's exposure to the arts by taking them to art venues (when they're old enough to handle the experience) and arts events. Learn about what you'll be seeing on the web before going, so you can help illuminate the experience, all the time enjoying each others' company.

--- Luis

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