Friday, July 19, 2013

Be in a movie! Yes, YOU. Extras needed, will get IDMB Credit!

 Here is your chance to be in a movie, and get IDMB credit! It may be as close to the bright lights and tinsel town as one can get involving a short drive.True, there is no pay, but then you also aren't paying them, and didn't have to pay for courses to do it. As received...

Hey everyone!

The team at Monstruosite is filming a movie and we need extras on Saturday July 20th from 2pm-6pm!

Filming will take place at The Social in the basement downstairs. Please RSVP here so we know who is and isn't coming (feel free to invite your friends!).

We are looking for "Artists and Bohemians" to fill this scene. The following type of people are most definitely invited to be featured but anyone looking to have a day of fun who can act the part are also welcomed to attend!

Burlesque dancers
Fire eaters
Belly Dancers
Hula Hoopers
Pin up Girls
Anyone with excessive tattoos or body piercings
Anyone with a cool and unique talent! (Anyone???)

We dont JUST need people with cool talents, we also need creative characters for the party scene as a whole so everyone is welcome to attend as long as you look at least 18 years old and can dress the part!

Please arrive on set with your hair and makeup complete. The MUA/H we are providing is reserved for the main characters of the movie. If you are in need of bohemian type clothing, we have designer Gypsies Caravan Jewelry-Photography bringing really cool leather tops and fun boho skirts and jewelry. Please comment down below if you are in need of costuming.

If you are interested in being featured, not just a part of the overall scene and you have a cool talent, comment below!

You will receive IMDB credit and other surprises we can not reveal to the public yet.

1909 N. 15th Street Tampa, FL 33605
1909 N. 15th Street Tampa, FL 33605

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