Thursday, July 11, 2013

Les Blank Screening, Thursday, 7/11/2013. Post #4.

Last night Les Blank's Mardi Gras documentary, "Always for Pleasure" was shown. A keenly insightful, immersive view of New Orleans (Pre-Katrina) that ambitiously attempts to incude as many socio-cultural and visual aspects of this event as possible. The details of things like food preparation provide the viewer with things others have passed by. Blank's interests in the ecstatic experience are in this film, but he never gets suckered in by the spectacular. His films are heart and brain food, not eye candy.

Tonight, it is "Garlic: Better than Ten Mothers", a look at what is often called "the stinky rose". Bring a garlic-based appetizer and get in free. Otherwise it's $5. I urge all reading this to take advantage of this uniquely cool opportunity and see this and the other Les Blank films.

All at 6412 Central Ave. Tampa. Opens at 7:00 PM.

--- Luis

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