Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dear Santa, 2011...

Dear Santa...

  I hear you're shopping locally this year. I know that once again I haven't been er...maximally good, perhaps edging into the gray teflon slope of naughty at times. You were probably watching that night at Tempus with your night-vision binoculars, weren't you? Remember, I believed in you long after all my friends stopped. Maybe too long. Anyway, deserving or not, here's my optimist's list for 2011, in no particular order. Yes, it's a longer list this year, but there's a full year's worth. Last year, that was only four months.

[These are not ratings, only a blogger's personal wish list from a wild year...]

Jordon Meinster @ Mindy Solomon, "The Resurrection". This passionate rendition of the crucifixion, laced with mythological symbols has stayed with me.  [Link]

Even though I've not an extra room in which to put a thing like this, maybe the PODs people could just park it out front.... Nancy Cervenka's First Night Pods Installation. Yes, the whole thing. Nancy's work is distinct and powerful in single pieces. In this installation the synergy between the individual works added up to a dazzling Chamber of Wonders.  [Link]

Jeremy Chandler, "Souvenirs" @ Mindy Solomon FS68,#4 (2nd photograph) [Link]. An aging woman golfer on the course. Doesn't sound like much, but have a look. Deceptively documentarian in nature, this image, like many of Chandler's, has the deadpan look yet works at many levels on me. I emphasize with the subject, the setting and the photographer.

Any of Maria Albornoz's works at the NCECA/Salt Creek Show "The Next Wave" [Link]. Her conceptual pieces on immigration were diverse visually, conceptually, and unified thematically. The Social Security Card Vending Machine would work for me, Santa.

Santa...I have a connection of some kind with Doreen Horn's work. Her "Recurring Dream" @ C. Emerson Fine Arts [Link] would be most appreciated.

While we're at it, why not throw Terry Hayama's ethereal "Aquarius" into your bag (from the same show)

Anything from Arnold Mesches; "Paint" series, a loving hommage to the medium. "Landscape Painting", 2009, would do. @ Mindy Solomon [Link]

Michael  Massaro's "Sinew of Indifference" @ HCC Gallery [Link] This little, simple sculpture was an expression of quiet rage at the level of ambient violence in the world. I want...

Judith Villavisanis' "Girl Eating a Cuban Sandwich", Cuban Sandwich Show @ HCC Ybor, and Bud Lee's "Cuban" from the same show. Judith's three works in this show had a sensual vibrance and sense of humor that stood out then and in memory, now.

This one is easy...anything by Christina Garcia from "Celebrations of Uncertainty" @ Collective [Link]. Strong, mysterious, non-stereotyped tribal women from many cultures, a budding typology. Yes, all of them would be nice, but one would do.

Rose-Marie Prins, "Golden Man" @ Morean Arts Center. [Link] This unlocked a flood of feelings in me and is beautiful.

Kim Radatz, "Letters to my Lover" @ C. Emerson's Vignette Show [Link]. This series of letters was the kind of work where I find myself completely absorbed and staring only to realize I've been there for a long time.

W. Hutton, "Lights Out", Piggyback Show @ C.Emerson. [Link] Half of a talented and independent duo of artists, "Lights Out" dazzled. And, Santa....while you're fetching that for me, maybe nab one of Carrie Vail's paintings on the foreclosure era. Please?

Neverne Covington, "The Hunger" @ HCC Ybor [Link]. The Life Force in everything from nature to abstracts is something Neverne is fluent in and I appreciate. "Heartscape" would be an alternate.

Suzanne Williamson, "Along the Calusa Trail", Shadows and Reflections @ Morean Arts Center. Williamson's romantic vision, strong compositions, and  communicative eclectic sense of light all come together in this photograph. [Link]

Coralette Damme's Iron [Link] Coralette dances into recesses of the subconscious where angels fear to thread. This is an atypical work, but I already own an extraordinary tiny painting of hers more along the lines of what passes for normal in her universe. That Iron is mystical.

Yanuary Irasema Navarro, "Keys" from Social Distortions, @ C.Emerson. [Link]. Dreamy, dazzling, speaks to my personal experience, beautifully conceived and executed.

I know the list is long, I've no chimney, and the night is short Santa, but....that Aston Martin never made it to my driveway last year. Art Taco involves a lot of driving.  Maybe the DB9 was a little pricey, so let me aim a little lower this year, and ask for this [Link]. I know, not exactly green, and it would have to come with a  driver who can park it and a gas credit card, but what's rationality got to do with Santa lists? Don't forget the custom AT paint job on the side...

--- Luis


  1. Luis,

    I missed this post in December, so sorry. I am honored to be included with so many wonderful artists!

    Thanks for all you do to support the arts in the Tampa Bay area! You rock.

    And I hope Santa brought you some of the items on your list!

  2. Santa was extraordinary. He must read the blog because he brought me a print of one of the works on the list. Thank you for your kind words. I loved the "Letters to my Lover".

    --- Luis

  3. Luis,

    Although I do not have Maria Albornoz's Social Security Card Vending Machine, I do have one social security card (Intact and with box). If you are still interested five years after your post, Santa would be happy to send this piece to a new home.

  4. Luis,

    Although I do not have Maria Albornoz's Social Security Card Vending Machine, I do have one social security card (intact and with box). If you are still interested five years after your post, Santa would be happy to send this piece to a new home.