Saturday, December 17, 2011

T-Shirt Show & Artist's Playlists @ Tempus

The yearly T-Shirt show at Tempus Projects involves a show of the designs available, then one can place an order and the shirt is printed-out while one waits in the shop in front. This year, concurrent with that show was the artists' playlist show, wherein one could hear selections from a specific artists' playlist and buy associated walkmans, players and handmade objects to go with it. There were also other works on exhibit.

On the left is Austin England's "Tempt", a mixed-media piece which has a 3D form with a convoluted black line stemming from it, and a face, looking a bit like a Tibetan demon looking on in the corner. On the right is England's "Stirred" (is the beer bottle part of it?). A wavy red line enters from the left, and exits the head's ear more modulated/reduced in amplitude. Or, might be going the other way, amplified.

On the right is "Strain" by Austin England. There's that undulating line emerging from a mouth held open by fingers. There's a sense of urgency and great tension here.

Bluebird Book Bus

A wonderful surprise was seeing the Bluebird Book Bus parked by the main gallery at Tempus. In the song "The End", Jim Morrison (who had area ties) sings a line that goes:

The Blue Bus is calling us,
driver where you taking us...

Inside the Bluebird Bus
Mitzi Gordon drives this Bluebird Bus, and she's taking us into the world of books, knowledge, growth and the imagination. This is a micro-indie-bookstore on wheels, a rolling repository and distribution network on wheels carrying scores of books on many subjects for sale. Everything from old photo magazines ( I got one) to very recent catalogues of local art exhibits, serious art books and a children's section. The emphasis is on specifics, and quality. Mitzi has a journalism degree, worked for the Trib, the Dali Museum, and has carved a unique niche for herself. This is nothing short of fantastic. I look forward to seeing the Bluebird Bus again. It is the analogue of a food truck, but this one feeds your head.

Mitzi Gordon in her Bluebird Bus

In the gallery was the playlist show. In the image on the left, the various modes of playing the recorded music. Listeners put on headphones and went from machine to machine.On the right, Music.

People meandered around the shelves listening to different playlists, some sat in the middle of the gallery and had a great time.

Artists made materials to go with the playlists. On the right is Justin Myers' playlist.

Details of hand-wrought materials...

Tempus Projects shows attract very interesting and beautiful  people...

The designs for the T-Shirts were along the back wall, and people could place orders, and get them made right there while they waited.

Some of the T-shirt designs...

Work by Suzanne Camp Crosby

Work by Gigi Lage

Work by Justin Nelson

People waiting for their shirts to be finished.

Congratulations to all the artists, to Tracy Midulla Reller, and Mitzi Gordon for a diverse and fun show and evening.

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