Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Globe Closes

The Globe Cafe, front window.

The Globe has closed after a twelve year run. This indie cafe, run by the one and only JoEllen Schilke, who hosts the Art in Your Ear show on WMNF. This cafe was one of the arts hubs of the St. Petersburg scene. Concerts were held there, the intimate venue kind, by some of the best musicians in the area and the country. There were frequent art shows, and here The Globe served in its egalitarian manner, everyone from rank newbies to well-known local artists. Its function as an estuary for the emerging artists was one of its best aspects.

The Globe, View of West Wall.
The Globe had board game nights, when the place would fill up with open tables, and strangers getting to know each other over a game. At the table by the wall close to the front door one could often find the artist Dino, Documentary Photographer Malcom Johnson, Photographer and printer Clint Thomas and yours truly shooting the breeze over tea, coffee and any of a number of baked goods, sandwiches, nachos, etc. that JoEllen would serve with a smile.

The Globe, View of East Wall and Bar.
Talk over the bar ranged from the every day to some pretty esoteric stuff. And it wasn't corporate. All local and with a great dripping wedge of character.

I am saddened to see the Globe go, but am happy for JoEllen. Her new job at WMNF as coordinator of the volunteers will leave her more time for her own life and projects. The Globe will be sorely missed. There will be a 2nd Globe garage sale this saturday at 1:00 PM, in case you want to nab a relic. I've already got mine. Malcolm tells me of a new nucleus around which artists are gathering, but I have yet to see it. The Globe was where AT' came to life as an idea, where the name was finalized, and the first review, of Josh and Stuart, was done. If this sounds like a Love poem, it is.

My last glass of Raspberry Tea at The Globe.

Good-bye, Globe. Rest in Peace.

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