Saturday, December 24, 2011

December Show @ Duncan McClellan Glass

Work by Duncan McClellan

The December show/opening party at Duncan McClellan Glass brought some surprises along with the usual gorgeous large glass pieces by Duncan, like the one at left in beautiful lighting.

A familiar surprise was seeing Michael Peart's steel furniture, which was reviewed here recently. It's a great fit at DMG. I had a chance to converse with Michael and Lucy for some time about their work and art in general. It's great to see an artist that is fluent and can talk about his work, the market, philosophy and more.

Work by Michael Peart

  Two sculptures by Michael Peart in the DMG glass gallery The taller one has disks of glass inset in holes cut in the I-beam.

The guys from Spath.ose had their art/scultpure purses, but the s-shaped handle on this one was exquisitely sinous. The attention to detail and design is extraordinary. Functional art that is equally at home worn or shown.

Among the many treasures at DMG was this wooden desk by Scott Fisher and Derek Grasso.

Tracy Kennard, DMG's social media specialist introduced me to Christian Zvonik, pictured on the left with some of his works. He is a mixed media sculptor that came here from Seattle. The work is themed around natural forms, beautifully stylized to their core elements. We talked for a while, and one of the things that came up is that a lot of Florida is still undeveloped and easily accessible for people that are willing to get away from their laptops, do a little planning, gearing up, and getting out. 

Christian Zvonik, "Owl"

Note how idealized "Owl" is on the right, yet it is clearly identifiable and remains true to the living animal. On the left is Zvonik's "Reflections", a rarity in sculpture, to see something and its reflection.

And everywhere one goes at DMG, there is glass in all its varieties. The photograph above is a close-up of the side of a vase, one that reflects the hypnotic wonder and mystery of glass.

Congratulations to the artists, Duncan and all his staff for a very good show.

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