Friday, December 2, 2011

Occupy Art Tampa Art Auction @ Czar

Inside Czar, looking toward entrance. Art on right, bar left.

I was at an Occupy Tampa site & listened to an impassioned young woman talk about the role of art in the movement, and suggest an art auction as a fundraiser. Her name was Lauren Howland. I signed up on the mailing list, and began receiving emails. The auction became a reality, and found a host at Czar, at 1420 E. Seventh Ave.

I didn't have much time that evening, but here is my report:

Bidder writing in bid.

In the first long room inside Czar, the art was hung on the wall opposite the bar. There was a good number of people hanging out and having a good time. It was a silent auction, so each work had a pad of paper so bidders cold write their bids.

Watercolor by Marylin Manson

There was quite a variety of art in several media on auction. This was one of several beautiful, jewel-like watercolors by Marylin Manson.

Mike McCormick, "Body of Resonance"

On the left is "Body of Resonance", by Mike McCormick, an oil and acrylic fantasy landscape.

Denise Howland, "Speckled Clay I"

There were a few ceramic pieces, like "Speckled Clay I", by Denise Howland, a beautiful bowl in two glazes with some design characters in a gold color.

Woman in dress made of (toy) $100 dollar bills 

At one point we were ushered through a couple of cavernous rooms in Czar, some looking like an XXXL version of something in Twin Peaks to where the bands were going to play, but alas, I had to run. Congratulations to all the artists, Lauren Howland, and Occupy Tampa for a good first fundraiser/art auction, all for a worthy cause, and to Czar for hosting.

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