Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More Than Sunshine @ Collective

Reason, "Rat Trap"

"More Than Sunshine" is the brainchild of two Florida artists who want to bring forth the low nee New brow and street art in Florida. This wave has been  gaining momentum nationally and internationally for some time, and Florida is part of it. This is a group of mostly Orlando-based artists who've put together this traveling show. The name means more than the usual expectations in art.

On the left is a painting of the outline of King Rat, er...Mickey Mouse. We imagine his face, but in this case, the blue screen is unzipped to reveal a carnivorous, evil toothy grin. The ambiguity in the title in this case refers not to a trap for a rodent, but the King Rodent's trap for us.

Morgan Wilson,"Surface Tension"

Morgan Wilson's "Surface Tension" consists of an underwater view of a nude female figure who's mouth is just breaking the surface, perhaps to breathe, or narcissistically, kissing her own image. The lighting, reflection, etc. are all done beautifully.

Pam Treadwell, "Tit Cave National Park, FL."

Pam Treadwell uses the postcard genre (with a little bit of Jackalope philosophy thrown in) in her "Tit Cave National Park, FL.". A fantastic mythical National Park that alludes to the sexualization of the state. I could easily see a series emanating from this.

There was a wall painting in The Collective's 2nd gallery around the theme and title of the show beautifully designed and executed by Ms. Morgan Wilson.

Derek Gores
Peter Van Flores III
This mixed-media collage by Derek Gores on the left, was a standout in this show. The color, composition, and content all layered beautifully in a kind of neo-Constructivism.

On the right is "Made In China", by Peter Van Flores III. Here we see Mickey again, this time wearing camo & carrying a weapon and acting as a guard to a camp. The Chinese flag design hovers on the upper left.

Emma Kenemer and Alicia Gautreaux

These two artists, Emma and Alicia, who together make up Painted Member Shot, collaborate in producing photographs like the one between them. The one on the left does all the costuming, including painting it on the models. The lady on the right is the photographer. I had the pleasure of speaking with them for some time at the show. Their work is themed around corporal narratives, the ones I saw of classic American stories and dolls. [Link]

This is one of the best shows ever at The Collective. Beautifully curated, very good work from Orlando artists. Congratulations to them and to The Collective for a very good show.

Collective Tatoo and Gallery 601 Central Ave.

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  1. The wall painting was also done by Miss Morgan Wilson.