Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Block Party @ Creative Clay/1100 block

Creative Clay and  had their Holiday Block Party and Art Sale. Here are a few pictures....

Creative Clay had an assortment of ceramics for sale in their newly redone space, which looks roomier and better.

Creative Clay Display

"UFO Solar", by Lawrence J. with its sausage-like mothership hovering above the Spring time tree line, with its question and title integrated into the composition got my attention.

Outside, there was a festival in the parking lot adjacent to the building, and artists doing Live Painting.

The Artists' Co-Op also participated in this event. This is a gallery consisting of several smaller artists' spaces, like micro-galleries.

I ran into Jun Bustamante, one of our great singers, and she introduced me to this duo, who call themselves Las Solitarias  (The Solitaires). When Jun recommends someone, listen. These two put on a delightful show with beautiful harmonies.

Congratulations to the artists, Creative Clay and Artists' Co-Op for a wonderful little festival.

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