Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Is Anyone in Tallahassee Listening?

Seventeen hundred journalists from all over the World descended on Miami for Art Basel. They went home and wrote or filmed etc thousands of articles and TV spots showing Miami/Florida in the best of positive lights. Many magazines brought down crews and did fashion shoots in Miami Beach during the Festival.

One-half Billion dollars injected into the Floridian economy, mostly from outside sources.

Thousands of the wealthiest people on the planet came to Florida/Miami and looked around. Some will return to visit, live, and/or invest.

One main show, 216 galleries represented in the satellite shows.

The effects linger, as new businesses are springing up at Wynwood and the Design District.

Art Basel puts Miami on the World Cultural Map.

Governor Scott and our esteemed legislators, you talk about encouraging business all the time. What are you doing to encourage the Business of Art? The artists of our state? Educating our future artists?


  1. Bravo,Luis. But I feel that you are akin to another romantic, Don Quixote. The governor is the windmill. I hope that I am wrong.

  2. Maybe you're right, but I felt it needed to be said, even if you are right.

  3. Indeed. Bravo, Luis. And yes, it does need to be said. It might fall on deaf ears, but there is a chance it might not. Kudos!

    So, did you go to Miami last week? Great, yes?