Monday, October 14, 2013

Jun Bustamante's Seed and Plant Share @ Ale & WItch.

Jun Bustamante is a first-rate musician in the Bay Area who also originated the Seed and Plant Share, a unique event celebrating plants, their seeds all oriented towards a greening of the area. The event was her idea, as was its execution.

Vendor and customer at the Plant and Seed Share.

The event has grown to a good audience, bringing clientele to the Patio at the Ale and Witch, along with associated vendors like massage therapists and others. and of course, there is music.

Jun Bustamante Founder of the Plant and Seed Share on the left.

I went to this event on Oct 12th. There was a good-sized crowd present, plants and seeds finding their way to good homes. There wasn't an empty table at the Ale and Witch. This is a great example of how one determined individual and her friends have created a viable and popular event and opportunity for both vendors and customers. Jun Bustamante greens our minds and hearts.

I have been fortunate enough to attend several of Jun's concerts over the years and heard her play in many small venues. If you get the chance, I can recommend her muic without reservation. 

--- Luis


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