Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tales from the Dark Side: If I don't review your show....

Please realize that while I attend almost everything arts-related in the Tampa-Saint Pete area, I (and my correspondents) do not have enough time to review/write about all of it. Think of it this way: The local corporate media, Tampa and Saint Petersburg Tribune, Tampa Bay Times and Creative Loafing, with all their resources and manpower, tend to review around 3-5 events a week. We do much more than that here at Art Taco, but we are still faced with many hard choices on a regular basis.

I do not carry ads, except for free ones, and my correspondents and I do this as a community service, at our own expense.

Thank you,

--- Luis

PS. I shouldn't have to say this, but...Saint Petersburg, in spite of its hipster-and-developer rich aura, is still a small, amazingly Faulknerian, southern town. Gossip travels hyperluminally. Backstabbing me, my correspondents and/or the blog is not conducive to me giving you ink, let alone free advertising. Honest criticism and/or advice is always welcome. If it is something truly or potentially embarrasing, it should be brought up in person, e-mail or messaging -- not on FB. If it is personal, keep it personal. 



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