Monday, October 14, 2013

Nathan Beard @ Arts Lofts @ Florida Craftsmen

Arts Lofts, the 18 artists' studios and exhibition space that is part of Florida Craftsmen is experimenting with a Flash Show, which is a one-day only exhibit. Nathn Beard is a Saint Peterburg Florida based painter whose works range from semi-realistic landscapes to total abstraction.

Work by Nathan Beard.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Nathan while he was setting up his show. He is concerned with the way memory works, non-linear time, and cyclical change/end of (present) time ideas. His visual fluency is very good, consistent and coherent. Think of time as an old river with oxbow bends.

Wotk by Nathan Beard

Some, as in the work above, are abstract. The artist tells me these have to do with the selectivity of memory.

Nathan Beard and his work at Arts Lofts.

The Flash Show is a good idea for the Arts Lofts, but maybe the shows should be up for two weekends. The idea brings in outside vigor into the usually endemic Lofts shows.

Congratulations to Nathan Beard and the Arts Lofts for a good show.

--- Luis

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  1. We had the pleasure of viewing Nathan's art and were very impressed. Thanks for having us and explaining your thoughts/process behind each piece.