Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This Escape Plan Week, Oct 14th-20th

Wednesday , Oct 16th, 2013


Generic Art Solutions: Mindy Solomon Premiere at Wynwood Art District, Miami

Opening Reception: Wednesday, October 16th, 6-9pm. The exhibition will be on view October 17th through November 16th.

The work of Generic Art Solutions (whether it be a photograph, performance, video, or print) begins with a thoughtful re-examination of the human condition, and the effect of recurring cycles of technological advancements and cultural awakenings. But, how much has mankind really evolved? Aren’t we essentially still making the same mistakes? According to the artists, it would certainly seem so. Compare Gericault’s famed painting 'The Raft of the Medusa,' 1819, to the G.A.S. representation of Deepwater Horizon's oil spill in April 2010, as depicted in their photographic work 'The Raft' (2010, below): these two artworks portray shockingly similar tales of human suffering brought on by corporate greed. Or, take Delacroix’s 'Liberty Leading the People' commemorating the French Revolution in 1830, and the perpetual revolutionary uprisings of the Arab Spring as seen in G.A.S.'s 'Liberty,' 2011. The artists state: "However evolved we may think we are, the folly of human behavior is still the root of all societal (dis)functions. This is a sobering thought that demands attention. But there is a message of hope in these contemporary homages: through thoughtful reexamination and a commitment to change, we can break the cycle of repeating our mistakes."

Mindy Solomon, premiering her new gallery in the center of the Wynwood Art District, brings over two decades of international art experience as an educator, collector, and gallerist. Ranked in 2013 as one of the top six galleries in Florida by the prestigious Louise Blouin Media Modern Painters magazine, her sophisticated and bold curating style will debut in Miami with a solo show by American Matt Vis and British-born Tony Campbell. The pair, known artistically as Generic Art Solutions, or G.A.S., presents a collection of work in an exhibition entitled 'Renaissance Men.'

 (Good Luck Mindy! I'll be there in spirit.)

Thursday, Oct. 17th, 2013


Art Advances Fashion Forward

Fine Art, Fashion & Photography,
Three Magical Worlds Collide

Please join us as we celebrate fine art, fashion and photography at the Museum of Fine Arts.

Thursday, October 17, the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, along with Aylen Suarez of Nu SoBel and Master of Ceremonies George Medeiros of, will be collaborating once again. For this, the second year, we plan to highlight a showcase of fashion design and photography that is inspired by pieces from the Museum's permanent collection.

Talented area fashion designers and photographers will be creating several fashion designs that will compliment some of the Museum's most fascinating artwork. The artists and models will further elaborate on their vision and creation in the Galleries near the art that inspired them, culminating in a full fashion show of the designs that will take place in the Marly Room.

Live music, runway models, jewelry, and fashion accessories by local designers will also be on view and for sale in the Conservatory. Cynthia Samaha Jewelry, Adora Fedora, Darlyn Things.
There will be a Cash bar and light appetizers. Valet parking will be provided.

The Museum and Museum Store are open every Thursday evening until 8 p.m. with a reduced admission of $10 after 5 p.m. This event is included with the price of admission. No reservations required.

Limited VIP seating for an additional $15 gets you a free drink and a patron gift. Tickets will be available the night of the event.

Designers and Photographers:

Heather Coscia
Leandro Gongora
Sandra Hagen
Leslie Joy Ickowitz
Stephanie Nunez
Lina Teixeira
Christopher Watson
Rike Kallaugher, Barbara Burhans and Siobhan Nehim
Clyph Jean-Philippe
Jennifer Burdette
Rebecca Zoumberos
Bryan Leighty
Neva Durham
Joette Meyers Giardina
Deidra Leight
Michelle Whelphey
Enrique Pino


Friday, Oct 18th, 2013 - 

"Controlled Spontaneity"  Princess Rashid at "Tay Cho" Art Gallery in Bartow.

New abstract paintings.

395 E Summerlin St, Bartow, Florida 33830

Saturday, Oct. 19th, 2013

"Lore", Calan Ree @ Blue Lucy - ARTIST STATEMENT:

Since the beginning of time, humans have told stories. They scratched them into stone. They whispered them around fires. Eventually they wrote them down. Folktales and myths serve many purposes; they explain the unexplainable, they enforce cultural or spiritual beliefs, they teach ethical lessons, they provide warnings and guidance. No matter the intent of the tale, all folktales share the power to pull us in, engage our imagination and tap into something very primal and important that exists within us. I let the power and mystery of folklore guide me in creating the pieces for LORE.

The materials I used to create with are more than building supplies, they are a source for the creation itself. Clay, wood and bone - my three personal muses. I work with clay because there is an aspect of mystery and storytelling that takes place in the process of sculpting with it. While I may have an initial concept, the clay will guide me to reveal what seems to have been waiting to be revealed all along. There is no other material that is as magickal as clay for me.

Next there is the use of natural lumber. Forest settings appear frequently in folklore as a symbol of the unconscious or hidden truths. From the faces disguised within the bark to the strange shapes and patterns formed by the grains, trees hold an air of mystery that made wood a wonderful accompaniment to my clay.

Finally, there is bone, an object that always instills intrigue and inspiration within me. I use bones because I like the idea of scratching beneath the surface to reveal something. I also like the association with death – the ultimate unknown.

Through these materials I processed my own passion and fascination with folklore. My intent was to scratch past the skin and rattle some 'bones'. For it is here, in the bone's stoney embrace that we find the heart.


The featured animated short film “the Hedge Crosser' was filmed, edited and co-written by Carla Kaufman.

All the lumber used was locally salvaged by Funktionhouse Urban Lumber and Furnishings and all the bones were unearthed by chance in natural settings.

Opening will featuring Live Tshirt Silkscreening of Calan Ree's art by EXTRA MEDIUM.

653 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, Florida  _________________________________________________

Saturday, October 19 will be the first annual Florida Label Fest, celebrating the obsolescence of the idea that you need to "get signed" to put out an album and that big-money-major-corporations no longer hold the keys to getting your sound on wax or in people's hands. This will be a gathering of all the people making records, tapes, cds, dvds, vhs and whatever other formats you can put music on. Florida Label Fest will be a free, all-ages evening of buying, selling, trading and live music. Also, we will have moderated round-table discussions on everything from where to buy blank tapes to design, mixing and mastering and distribution. If you have a label and are interested having space at this event, please RSVP with us.

Please mention if you want:

•Space for a table (BYOT)
•You or your band to perform (must run a label to perform)
•To be a moderator/participant in a round table discussion - mention topic(s)

Please put Florida Label Fest 2013 in your subject line

***To be considered a label, you need to put out other people's music***


Phoenix Glass is opening its doors for Halloween!

Free glass blowing demonstrations will be happening all day with a special PUMPKIN BASH - Hot Glass Performance from 6 & 8 PM. Watch the Glass Blowers manipulate the molten glass into Glass Pumpkins. Children and costumes are welcome.

You can also make your own blown glass pumpkin! Create your own blown glass pumpkin in colors of your choice – complete with a stem! You will get an overview of how to safely work with hot glass and working with a master glass blower, you will gather the molten material, apply color, use an optic mold and blow your gourd with your own breath! This is a great first time glass experience! No experience necessary. Materials, color and instruction are included for $65. Register in advance by contacting Susan Gott at

Seasonal refreshments will be served throughout the day.



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