Friday, October 11, 2013

My 2nd Saturday....Oct. 12th 2013

As usual, way too much going on are my choices, and I almost never make it to more than 11-13...

1) [Maybe...if I wake up early enough...] Cyclocross races in Julian B Lane Park, Tampa. Unusual form of bike racing, seeing a bit of a renaissance in the US.


2) [Before 1:00 PM] Saturday Market. Check out the artists' stands.
100 First Street Southeast
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 455-4921


3) Ale and Witch - Seed/Plant Share. Around 3PM


(In no particular order)

4) The Arts Lofts above Florida Craftsmen.(Nathan Beard)

5) Florida Craftsmen

6) Michelle Tuegel

7) Duncan McClellan (Stem to Stern) *

8) Zen Glass Beer Tasting (for a quick photo-blitz)

9) Nuance Galleries (St. Pete)

10) Charlie Parker (Laura Irmis)

11) Softwater Studios (Carrie Jadus, City as Muse)*

12) Planet Retro (Altered Cover)*

13) James Oleson (Vanessa Circe)

14)Robot Nation Jay Herres Moonstorm*

15) Creative Clay Opening 1114 Central *

16) Venture Compound*

17) Feathered Serpent 1018 Central*

18) St Pete Artworks Grand Opening.*

19) Donna Gordon (Not afraid to Fall)*

20) eve N odd (Tara Radosevich)

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