Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tonight: DARK ARTS

DARK ARTS, Saturday, Oct 26th, 2013. 7-11 PM

Dark Arts @ Fire Station #3 -

$10 entry ($5 KSPL members) | Visit

DARK ARTS is a fundraiser for Keep St. Pete Local and celebrates the darker side of the arts while supporting great local businesses. In addition to an art show featuring 60+artists in all disciplines, DARK ARTS features live entertainment, DJ MEGA, food and libations.

* Costumes or all-black attire is encouraged! Come celebrate Halloween with us in style! *

The creative team putting on DARK ARTS features a host of talented St. Petersburg art and entertainment scene veterans:

- 600 Block rockstars BLUELUCY, known for their impressive shows every month on Central Avenue.
- Entertainment queen Dollface, known for a variety of local events including Halloween favorites Something Wicked… and CarnEvil.
- The king of abnormal, and the wildly popular Abnormality show, Casey Paquet.

DARK ARTS celebrates the occult, the obscure, the forbidden, the dark and the strange. Rituals, ceremonies and rites of passage passed through the secret underbelly of humanity have long fascinated and entertained. Shedding light into the dark corners of the human mind, DARK ARTS pushes artists to detach from their more comfortable subject matter and explore the shadows beneath. The venue itself, a former fire station that has been paused in mid-decay and put on display for all to see what lies beneath the walls we trust, is the perfect backdrop for a show exploring that which lives inside of us all.

Performances and performance artists will also play a part in making this a multi-sensory experience not soon forgotten, while interactive photo opportunities put you in the middle of the show.


Pale Horse
John Revisky
Joe Boccia
Frank Strunk III
Johannah O’Donnell
Sebastian Coolidge (Seabass)
Cake Marques
Daniel Mrgan
Trinity Rivard
Samantha Churchill
Zulu Painter
Laura Spencer
Shan Leah
Patrick Deignan
Jason Sexton
Renee Little
Dysfunctional Grace Art Co.
Joseph Coleman
Jon Fisher
Coralette Damme (The Crafty Hag)
Kevin Nodland (Nodz)
Tara Radosevich
Charlie Parker
Laura Irmis
Mark Mitchell
Derek Donnelly (Saint Paint)
Joshua Whitehead
Deerly Departed
Sara McClarnon
J. Michael Taylor
Adam Graham
Siera Vaughn
Sheri Kendrick
Justin Seabolt (Justice)
Perry Devick
Carrie Boucher
George Retkes
Don Orcutt (Donny O)
Robert X. Rules
Rylan Wright
Joanna Ledingham
Mark Noll
Don Orcutt
Jason Mycol Allen
Salvatore James
Christian Zvonik
Deidra Kriner
Ed Hotchkiss (HKISS)
Sue Woodall (Hey Girl Studio)
Josh Poll (Jash)
Jeffrey Jacoby
Gina Fote
Rebecca Skelton
Sheree Rensel

Station Numberthree
Florida Beer Company
Industrial Strength Inc.
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Fireball Whisky
VLVT Salon
conceptBAIT, inc.
Tim Simmons Photography

Maggie on the Move
Tampa Pig Roast/M-N-M BBQ

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