Friday, October 25, 2013

Tara Radosevich First Solo Show

Tara Radosevich works as the intern at e v e  N o d d gallery, (wo)manning the space on Saturdays.  The space is hosting her first one-man show this month. 

Her work is based on folklore, animals, totemism, and cryptozoology, according to her artist's statement. In person, she comes across as reserved and intensely passionate. She says she is "hungry".

Work by Tara Radosevich

The artist is presently focusing on the deer. The paintings were not labeled, but the one above is of a female figure with her arms crossed and hands clenched into fists.with the head of a doe. The figure stands in a field of pink, exuding an aura of darker pink. There is a conflicted sensuality about this image combined with anticipation.

Work by Tara Radosevich

Above, a thundering herd of horses galloping through (or within) tall flames. Literally an image of unbridled passion. Note the horse's eye near the top edge of the work.

Works by Tara Radosevich.
In the center, the painting of bewildered horses' eyes (and mouths/teeth) is titled "Night Mare". The tiled subframes suggest the fragmentation of panicked emotion. The Night Mare (not the Piers Anthony version) has a rich historical tradition. Radosevich repeatedly reaches into primal emotions with her themes and symbols. These deep emotions have a strong universality and seem encoded in our darkest thoughts and experiences.

The artist is soon graduating with her BFA from USF. I look forward to seeing her work at the graduate show and the coming future.

Congratulations to Tara Radosevich and e v e N o d d for a good show.

--- Luis

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