Friday, October 25, 2013

Kerouac Celebration in Saint Pete

Kerouac Celebration In St. Pete
     At the Kerouac celebration at the  Flamingo Bar on Sat. night, there were fewer people than in previous years. It may be related to three 'back to back'  Kerouac related events ( the 'Kill Your Darlings' movie preview at Baywalk, the Hideaway show with the 'Beat Poets' and David Amram's Friday night concert at the Palladium).  None the less, it was a good evening at the Flamingo.
The music was good, Brad Morewood and the 'Beat Poets were also very good. David Amram was there early, by himself (no usual backup band that includes his son) and chatted with people in the crowd until he went on about 10:30 pm when he accompanied the Beat Poets.  David shifted between three instuments (Flute, keyboard, and small handrum). Without a doubt, he was the best musical accompianist to poets that I have ever seen! The poets gave him a brief description of the rythm of the poem and he was spot on with his accompiement. At one point, he played two flutes at the same time! On another, he put his hand inside the small handdrum and created a deep bass that you would only expect from a large djembe drum. The main part of the program ended about 11 pm, although there was some after jamming. Some of the proceeds of the event will go to help preserve the Kerouac House in St. Pete. 
                                                                                      --- Malcom Johnson

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