Thursday, October 3, 2013

Seen/Scene: Dead Ingenuity @ Dysfunctional Grace

Dysfunctional Grace [Link] puts on what they call a "Dead Ingenuity". I found these pictures in the Lost Files of the Summer of 2013 of the one before the recent one of Sept 28....

The tables are full of boxes of small bones, skulls, wire glue and everything one needs to make their own creations. The  atmosphere at these events is similar to that of a quilting bee in Kansas. Friendly, homey, and down to earth. People chatter, assist each other, with Liz helping out as needed. There is almost an audible hum from the focused activity. Here are a few photos....


Materials: Small bones.


Really small bones.

It's a workshop and social event, Dead Ingenuity.

Congratulations to Dysfunctional Grace for putting together a successful, beautiful and pleasant event.

--- Luis

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