Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Nuanced November 2013 @ Nuance Galleries

Art Walk:  Artists Reception, meet watercolorist Taylor Ikin,Saturday, November 9th 5-9. 

Conservation, preservation and a love of nature and her bodies of water, lands, flora and fauna are the subject of her art. Described by critics as “heartfelt and empathetic,” my watercolor paintings on Yupo record the wonders and beauty of nature, often taken for granted, and my images demonstrate the necessity of preserving nature in fact and in art for future generations.
Taylor has taught regionally, nationally and in the Caribbean for over 15 years.  She is now teaches at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center.

Art to Dine:  Meet Watercolorist Taylor Ikin and Print Maker John Andrew Burmeister, Saturday, November 16th, 12 - 5 PM.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away!  Taylor will be creating live a series of apple paintings and we will be serving apple cider all to make for a healthy experience.  As Taylor says “I will be painting your way to good health…small images of juicy red apples”
Known as an environmentalist with a paint brush, Taylor Ikin has once again focused her work on capturing the lands, woods and streams of our fragile Florida. Her energetic brush stroke often confuses the viewer, believing her medium to be oils, whereas in fact it is watercolor. Rich darks and light lights often mimic the play of shadows and reflections on the rivers and waterways she delights in painting.    

John Burmeister 

Fine etchings of Tampa Bay and Charleston
John will be doing demonstrations with his press during Art to Dine For 

John originally studied graphic art at Tampa Tech in 1988, and then worked for the Tampa Tribune and other publishers in 1995.  After a stint doing costume illustration for the Disney company in Orlando he began studying etching in 1999, at Valencia College. He became well known for his etching of Charleston, S.C. He returned to the Tampa Bay and has started a series of etchings with a focus on architecture and landscape.  The image is hand drawn on copper plates coated with varnish and then etched in nitric acid. The plate is then washed and hand wiped with ink and printed under enormous pressure.   Using etching as his medium suits his ability to draw with cross  hatching. He is fascinated with older local architecture, especially the old traditional building like the Vinoy, Don Cesar and the University of Tampa.  The series he is creating will be used in his creation of his second book featuring Tampa Bay’s beautiful architecture and other scenic landmarks.  We will be showing both his work of Tampa Bay and his Charleston etchings and will have his Charleston book available. 

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