Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Bud Lee Show @ Grown Man Studios

David Audet and Bud Lee have been friends for decades, back to when Bud was teaching film at USF and David was a student. The friendship  that developed has withstood the test of time. Bud had a massive stroke from which he recovered to the point where he paints.

The Bud Lee Show was part of the Cuban Sandwich Show Festival for 2013. A one-man show in the spacious foyer/anteroom of Grown Man Studios in Seminole Heights, the effect was like being in a room lined with stained-glass windows. [Disclosure time: I bought several]. Bud's work has a direct, primal style and strongly social content, mostly from his long hours of observing TV in his room at the ACLF where he lives. The visual sophistication in these paintings combined with the style and a distinct intensity makes for strong work. Here are a few pictures from the show...

All Work by Bud Lee.

Work by Bud Lee.

All work by Bud Lee.

Bud Lee, "Muscle Memory". 

Bud Lee "Ten Virgins"

People getting ready for the airing of the short movie on Bud and David's friendship.

A movie was aired of Bud and David...a tribute to their friendship and riendship in general. It was nothing short of fantastic and as with all things from David Audet, humanizing.

The gang, Bud Lee bottom row, center.

Congratulations to Bud Lee, David Audet, the family, anf Grown Man Studios for a perfect afternoon.

--- Luis

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