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Art Taco's Guide to the 2011 Gasparilla Sidewalk Art Show

Art Taco's Guide to the 2011 Gasparilla Sidewalk Art Show begins with the recommendation that it is best to arrive early. Say, around 10:AM, and walk over to the First Watch restaurant, on 520 N. Tampa Street for a good, hearty breakfast (AT is partial to the Bacado omelette).

This year, the show's T-shirts are unusually beautiful. That's the place to get them. They have a deal on t-shirts from past shows, too. Ask.

[The artists I have chosen are those whose work I found particularly strong and chose as highlights for the show. With 300+ artists, your opinion is bound to vary from mine, but consider this a tease to help get you to the show on Sunday.]

This is Ummarid Eitharong, painter and past winner of the Gasparilla Sidewalk Art Show with his newest work. This is a change from his earlier noir-looking B&W work with some military overtones. He is one of Florida's best artists & can be seen at booth 232 and contacted at: 407.761.9935

                                                                                                                                                                                      Edson Campos, Brazilian-born painter with his version of the Last Supper. If I was appointed God and had to rebuild the universe, I would contract Edson to design the women. He does the most exquisite renditions of women imaginable. You can see more of his work and contact him here:
[Link] He can be seen at booth 230.

Laurie Coppedge does beautiful Color and B&W photographs of women and girls. The series in the background of this picture, of girls by (or in) the water with sparklers is dreamlike, and very calming.
Laurie can be reached at 904.233.7755. You can see more of her work at [Link] or email her at

Her work can be seen at booth 227
Ceramicist William Kidd's work is delectably organic. Even though a lot of it looks like extraterrestrial fruit, it's in familiar forms, and often succulent. It was beckoning to my inner foodie. Simply beautiful stuff, extremely well-crafted. He can be reached at: 954.662.2797. See more of his work here: [Link] Via e-mail:
See his work at booth 223 at the Show.

    [Disclaimer: I am friends with Ms. Cleere and an admirer of her work] Carolilna Cleere is an award-winning journalist who turned to art photography a long time ago, doing deeply symbolic, psychological works that look painterly, but are photographically based, comprised of many digitally collaged images. This, one of her latest, is titled "Child's Play". It represents quite a departure compositionally from earlier work, with the subframe, well defined sense of depth and more. She tells me it was the influence of being in Spain, seeing the work in El Prado, and the effects of the Mediterranean. All I have to say is: Bravo! She can be contacted at 813.495.0085. Her work at the show is at booth 220.

                                                                                                                                                             Charles gatewood does oil paintings with delicately nuanced color. Everything from de Chirico - like images of isolation in the city, to eerily empty interiors and architecturals. All extraordinary. He can be contacted at 334.207.4011 or at his cell phone at 706.718.3630. His work can be seen at booth 219

Nancy Cervenka does unique work using film to make sculptures. Her work is in several private collections. The conical forms seen here are movie filmstrips spiraled. The work is simultaneously whimsical and conceptually potent. She can be reached at 727.323.2855. Or
She is at booth 218.
Beth Crowder's pastel landscapes are the kind of artwork one can walk into. Exquisitely composed and colored, with subtleties that articulate throughout the image field. She can be reached at 304.873.2347. Via e-mail at: beth@ You can see more of her work at [Link] .

Nicario Jimenez has been coming to the Gasparilla Show for a long time. I was lucky to notice him the first time he showed, and picked up an unbelievably and beautifully complex crucified Jesus Image that to this day has a premier spot on one of my shelves. Nicario is one of those rare artists that can seamlessly go from Folk Mythological imagery, to American cities, inner-universe meanderings, and politics, all with an unflinching humanistic overtone -- in one retablo. I love this man's work. Contact at: 239.354.0139 e-mail:
You can see more of his work here: [Link] He is at booth 203.

Dave Bruner does woodcut prints. They are made from engraved wood done under magnifying lenses, and printed by him. He's been doing this for three decades, and makes masterful prints. he can be contacted at: 941.953.2554 and more of his work can be seen here: [Link]. He is at booth 192.

Becky and Steve Lloyd do incredibly fine hand-carved porcelain. Whatever else you do at this Gasparilla, do not miss this. Make sure you devote some time to this work. The Lloyds are making magnificent contemplative objects of the kind of beauty one happily surrenders to. Contact at 828.246.8846 or e-mail at or
See more work at [Link]
See at booth 173.

Etchings are a difficult medium to work with, but Grant Silverstein excels at it. The details in these images seem to go on and on as you look closer. Lots of historical and mythological themes there. See at booth 166.
Contact at [Link]. He is at booth

Rocky Bridges does metal sculptures from bits of scrap, parts from cars, etc., but the whole easily outweighs the sum of the parts. A graduate of Cooper Union, Rocky gives each of his works, whether large or small, a deep and intense expression. He can be contacted at: 727.940.4260 or rocky.bridgespolk-fl.netSee at booth 162. 

Stephen Palladino does very Noir black and white paintings of people and places in the area and history of Tampa, almost in a graphic novel style. He also is a fine muralist and paints in other styles. Last time I saw Steve it was at the Live Paint on Central a couple of weeks ago. He can be contacted at 727.458.4703 or, or see more of his work at: [Link]. 

Bill Turner does mystical landscapes that remind me of something out of a David Lynch movie, but more romantic. The song of the road, the long road, is audible in these paintings. He can be contacted at 770.301.1784 or via e-mail at
See more of his work at [Link]
He can be seen at booth 149.

Lynn Whipple is standing in front of her 4x8 foot mixed media work titled "The List". It seems part memory and part things yet to come, like life in flux. My favorite things are three paper fortune-telling devices left blank. Beautiful work.

Lynn can be contacted

More work can be seen here [Link]

Michel Delgado has strong work in the Naif/Art Brut tradition, with a kind of hot-wired connection to the subconscious.

Contact at 305.923.7673


Marlene Rose works with sandcast glass sculpture in forms that are mystical and serene in nature. It is easy to imagine a garden with some of these pieces, a little rushing water, a place to meditate and healing station. Her display at the show (and her infectious smile) immediately unplug you from the tremors and the din and let you float downstream. Her glass Buddha heads are grand.

Contact at: 727.7092620
See more at: [Link].  See at booth 49.

Lance Rodgers, at booth 14, Does very eclectic art. In this show he has one excellent piece on the oil spill, and others on Floridian themes, all strong.

Contact at 727.365.4662

See more at [Link]

Don't forget your dogs! They enjoy an art show easily as much as humans, as these two did. They were taking a break before returning to the action.

Gasparilla this year is wonderful. I intend to go back Sunday, now that I have the Guide completed, and take my time. Hope this helps and remember, the Tampa Museum of Art is open and free. From 11AM to 5 PM.

--- Luis

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