Monday, March 21, 2011

Coralette Damme's Yart Sale of 2011

Once a year, a unique, literally grass-roots (Ok, maybe blades) art event takes place. The venue is a charming house on a corner of 9th Ave N. belonging to an artist named Coralette Damme, who also goes by the name "The Crafty Hag".  She's worked in a variety of media over the years. I remember seeing her stained glass work at Craftsman House, prints, cushions, magnets, dolls and more.  This is the corner where it happens...

Coralette puts up her art and unused/left over art supplies at this Yart Sale for very reasonable prices.

AT  got there early, and already there were people browsing through the art and looking through the boxes for something to take home and hang from the wall or to make something out of. 

And there was a lot to choose from. Note the tone of these small prints. The Crafty Hag's work has a spirited and light heart. The bigger paintings were on the porch, by the front door.

....and here is Coralette/The Crafty Hag, among her creations, at her famous Yart Sale. I came home with a magnet of the Day of the Dead, and a little cushion to match, both of which now hang on the inside of my front (steel) door. I also brought home a small and beautiful print of an armadillo.

You can see more of her work here: [Link]

--- Luis

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  1. Thanks Luis! It was great to meet you, I appreciate the support and hey, my picture isn't bad at all :)