Monday, March 7, 2011

An Art Fair Is Born: Art Naples

The Inaugural Art Naples Fair is about to begin, with the first (private) showing on March 17th. The Fair will run from March 18th to the 21st. It will be held at the Naples International Pavillion [Link]. The Fair promises special exhibitions in the form of an installation of brass and glass work by renowned metal sculptor Albert Paley through Habatat Galleries [Link].

Another special exhibit, this one from Forum Gallery (NYC) is titled "Picturing America", with thirteen works by top photo-realist painter Robert Cottingham [Link].

  Dale Chilhuly's Venetian Series Revisited, featuring work done in the 1980's will be shown.

Miamian - Philadelphian based Frank Hyder will exhibit an installation from his year in the cloud forests of Venezuela, which was made possible by a Fulbright Grant [Link].

The Miami Art Dealers Association will have their artists represented in "Miami Wave".

 Art Naples is opening with a lot of strong work, and promises to put on a great inaugural show, all on the West Coast of Florida. Art Taco wishes them well.

--- Luis

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