Sunday, March 20, 2011

Healing Spirits: Rx Art @ Rob Davidson Fine Arts

Rx Art is a national organization that uses creativity to heal and empower the spirits of patients in hospitals. They work with Creative Care locally. Rob Davidson Fine Arts is hosting an Art show of Rx Art's work in the area. It opened on March 10th, and runs through March 22nd. In the foreground is Rose Marie Prins' "Captivity", a longitudinal folding poem which has been reviewed here before.

Many artists work with Rx Art, and showed in this exhibit. Here is a mandala-like acrylic and gemstone on canvas work by Pat Bowers titled: "New Life". A very contemplative and beautiful work. The mandala form is thought to originate in Tibet, where it tends to be extraordinarily complex compared to this one, and has made its way throughout the world.

At left is pictured one of three "Memory Pockets", folded ceramic works by Laura Irmis. These are very accessibly priced works, considering their quality, btw.

Patient's art is also in the exhibit. Here's a section of a wall showing their work. Note the many positive self-portraits, pictures of growing, living things, vibrant colors, and the many pets lovingly rendered.

 Here's a floral from that wall...

and a self-portrait...

The health care professionals also participate in the art making. I'm uncertain as to whose work this is, but it was a standout.

Some Doctors also participate in the creative healing. Here is a log/diary from Dr. Ansu Vasudevan below is a photograph of a drawing of his on the opposing page.

This creative output from so many in healthcare, getting it down on a medium, showing and telling and healing others and themselves is a moving process. Congratulations to Rx, Creative care, Benedict Haven, St. Anthony's and all the others involved in this great project, and to Rob Davidson and Rose Marie Prins for bringing it to the public.

Through March 22nd, at Rob Davidson Fine Arts, 1100 1st Ave. North.

--- Luis

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