Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pictures at an Exhibition: Personal Icons @ Mindy Solomon Gallery

 These pictures are a selection taken at the opening of "Personal Icons" at MSG. It was the opening of the show preceding the one opening tonight, "Florida Souvenirs". 

This is Patrick McGrath Muniz in front of two of his works, talking about them, giving some insight into his methods and thinking. 

Here is the piece of music that I took the title of this post from: [Link].

Here's one of Patrick's works, "Supersized Happy Holy Meal".  Here's what I wrote about his work in the AT review: "Patrick McGrath Muniz has looked at these icons and recontextualized them into the present, incorporating consumer culture into the iconic style and expressing his concerns about the myths surrounding colonial aspects of globalization, imigration, breast enlargement surgery/identity and many other issues." Note the large, white, fat cat at Columbus' feet at the foreground lower left, by the front of the table.

 Gallery goers gather around a laid-back sculpture. MSG brings a lot of ceramics and sculptures to their space. That's artist Becky Flanders, whose work was in this show, standing on the right. Lots of arts lovers and people who like the arts frequent these events, and get a chance to talk with the artists and Mindy & Sharon, and mingle with very interesting people.

[Not pictured is a bar tended by Mindy's beautiful daughters and others, and hors d'oeuvres.]

Here are two works by Gabriel Parque. They consist of coil-built, stone-ware, white-painted figures of what appears to be a fetal or newborn Jesus figure, identifiable via either the blessing mudra (hand-gesture) or the small icon they hold in the other hand of the world with a large golden cross on it.

Jamex and Einar de la Torre, aka EJT2, make these iconographically rich glass pieces that are extraordinarily attractive. This one is titled "Southern Exposure".

  This close-up of another EJT2 work shows the richness and beauty of these things in terms of textures, colors, details and depth. It seems like there's more no matter how close you get.

Opening night attendees enjoying viewing the works on display (these are by Patrick McGrath Muniz). I put the pictures up to give a sense of what it's like to go to a Mindy Solomon Gallery opening night. Tonight is another opening night for "Florida Souvenirs" and a chance to see for yourself.  And don't forget to check out the bathroom. There's always an extra work of art in there. One not to be missed.

--- Luis 

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