Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Street Art, a Classic

This introspective, sad head of a citizen of the Dystopia, about 22" high, lies stenciled onto the back of a fuse box somewhere in Tampa.

[I will not say where to prevent it from being destroyed.]

It seems to be a remnant of the glory days of the Xxxx-xx-Resistance, a t-shirt retailer, no less, who daringly took it to the streets and left many works of art, including many sad Madonnas like this one at very risky spots (they favored traffic light boxes at busy intersections) all over the city in their day, which was around 2006. This sad Lady tangled up in blue has been spared so far and is gracefully fading and peeling into oblivion. I visit her whenever I am nearby. She reminds me of the one and only Tina Modotti as seen by Edward Weston. [Link].

The City, all cities, are full of secret grottoes where blooms of illegal art lie undetected by those who would erase it, and waiting for you to see it. 

--- Luis

Ps.  If you know of high quality street art, I would love to photograph it and put it here before it disappears. Please send me very clear instructions (hopefully not involving trespassing!) as a comment, along with your e-mail. The comments are all vetted here before being published, so only I will see it.

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