Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saving a Banksy, appropriating it? Street Art in the Gallery.

Detroit, at the old Packard factory. Photographer Bill Riddle spots wall art by Banksy, or what appears to be so, and tells friends at Detroit's 555 Gallery. Riddle is worried because the old factory is scheduled for demolition and he doesn't want the work to vanish. Five guys, all artists, go out from the gallery with tools and cut out a 7x7 foot section of the wall, and transport  it back to 555.

The act has turned out to have sparked controversy about what the nature of street art is. Is its evanescence part of it? Did the 555 crew save the work of a world-famous artist from the wrecker's ball, but is misunderstanding graffiti? Who "owns" the work? Can 555 sell it? Lots of questions here.

As to Banksy, he was asked if the piece was his. The answer? No comment.

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