Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Synergistic & "New Works" Exhibit @ West Tampa Center for The Arts, Part I

Collaboration with Rob Fladry,  "Monroe Ohio Has Nothing to live for (RIP Big Butter Jesus)"
Adam Kitzerow is a recent USF MFA graduate whose work was shown on 2/25/11 at the West Tampa Arts Center (WTAC) at 1906 Armenia Ave. In this show, every piece of his is a collaboration with another artist. Adam started the sculptures, made of foam painted in acrylics, with other materials included, depending on the piece, then sent them out to his collaborators, who added to them, and returned them. As a viewer, one is challenged by the fact that every piece has the constant of Kitzerow's input, and the variable of someone else's.

The works were painted sculptures, most about 10x10 inches or less, with some exceptions. Here's some:

Collaboration with Lindsey Maestri, "a Glamrock Valentine to Tampa"

Kitzerow, in his artist's statement says he wants "...the work to change while you look at it". These pieces are extremely sensitive to point of view, effectively changing as one moves around them. Their titles sometimes clarify, and often add more depth to them. They are very organic in appearance. I

Collaboration with Matthew McClure, "What to do...what to do..."

Collaboration with Greg Lesar, "Sacrificial Receptacle"
  Sacrificial Receptacle is an atypical one, large and more complex. It still has the persistent signature of obnoxiousness and sarcasm Kitzerow says he has "taken back" in art. It can be seen to a degree in the work below.

Collaboration with Aaron Rowley, "Square Peg, round hole"
 It's unusual and a treat to see a collaborative show like this one. The exhibit runs through March 18th, at the West Tampa Art Center, 1906 N. Armenia Ave. Call first about the hours. 813.453.4381

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