Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Three Artists From Fiesta Day

Gasparilla's come and gone, and it was that time of year again. What with the Flan Tasting, Fiesta Day (FD) proved irresistible this year. While there, I found two artists whose works caught my attention, and ran into a third I know. The first was in the patio of a bar, along with a few others.

Sherri Beguesse (aka "maus") had carefully drawn work of the underground variety, including this one of a Squid as Master of Ceremonies. What is it about squid?

This is Sherri Beguesse/maus by her work on Fiesta Day in Ybor City. Note the Cat-topus, Octopi, heroines and dragons, all well-conceived and executed. To see more of her work, go here: [Link].

 Over by the Eastern edge of Centennial Park, I came across the work of Mr. Tejeda, a Cuban painter.

 Mr. Tejeda does Folk-style paintings of Cuban scenes and motifs. He has a well-developed style and sense of color. He also does floral arrangements and can be reached at 813.965.4347

While running around on Fiesta Day, I ran across a friend of mine, Kimberly Hull, who makes innovative, beautiful, one-of-a-kind haute couture designer hats and headbands. They can be seen here: [Link].

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