Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Elastic Authenticity" and Cristina Cordova's "Bestiario" @ The Morean/NCECA

We are witnessing an extraordinary thing in all these NCECA exhibits being hosted by local art venues. NCECA is putting on nearly 100 (according to the brochure) exhibits bringing ceramics to the public, and over 50 local gallerists, art centers and museums donating the space towards this consciousness-raising effort.

The Morean Arts Center (MAC) is one of those spaces. They are holding two shows currently, a one-woman show by Cristina Cordova, and a group show named "Elastic Authenticity"  . 

 This show emphasizes the versatility of clay, exploring technological concerns and their effects on"""""""" us. The show includes work by Darien Johnson, Susan Beiner, Kaite Caron, Bryan Czibesz, Dell Harrow, Casey McDonough, Brendan Tang, Matthew McConnell, Dylan Beck and Gail Hel. Here are a few highlights:

"If this is all that exists, how can there possibly be anything else?"

Casey D. McDonough's current work is based on relationships and connections, in this case, as illustrated by a social network chart of the flow of information and energy between individual nodes in a system. The nodes here are clay and other media biomorphic forms framed in digitally jagged lines. There are fine strings, barely visible in this picture,  connecting them.

See more here [Link]

Detail of above work

This is a close-up detail of the above work, which shows the network of strings connecting the nodes. The figures also make intermittent buzzing noises.

"Many New Things and more of the Same"
by Matthew McConnell. This Raku-fired red earthenware work still smells like it's fresh out of the kiln. We see a variety of representations of mass-produced objects that permeate our lives.

See more of his work [Link]

Dell Harrow's "Tubes", from "Interiors and Volumes". The work is informed by a variety of things, from art history, game fields, farms, forests to the interior of his 1990's ranch house.

This is  a close-up of the clay latticework in the above work showing the detail work on the tubes.

See more here [Link].

Darien Johnson's "Partial Containment" is about the effects of digital processes and their effects on human consciousness. The artist is using digital imagery and process in the work.  See more of his work here [Link].

 Susan Beiner's "Polyunsaturated II" is like a blend of electronica and underwater plant life. It is what she describes as an "opulent" style derived from 18th century European ceramics. See more of her work here: [Link]

Detail of Cristina Cordova's "La Huida" (The Flight)
Cristina Cordova's career is a distinguished one. Penland residency, then a trustee there, American Arts Council Emerging Artist Grant, teaching at Penland, Haystack, Santa Fe Clay, Mudfire in Georgia, Oddyssey Center, and more. From her artist's statement, she addresses gender, cultural and temporal issues in her work. An illusion of narrative that brings out the viewer's imagination of a resolution new myths, and ensuing familiarity.

Here is the whole work. It is five feet long, composed of several pieces.

"Vestigios"   (Vestiges) is a Medusa-like figure with a classical visage.

See more of Cristina's work here: [Link]

Congratulations to NCECA and The Morean for partnering and putting together a great show.

--- Luis

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