Friday, March 18, 2011

Hot and Humid @ Craftsmen Gallery

 Have you noticed an unusual amount of ceramic shows in the area? This is not by coincidence. NCECA is having its 45th conference at the Tampa Convention Center from March 30th to April 2nd. Over 7,000 conventioneers are expected. See here: [Link].

Craftsman Gallery is joining in this local celebration of ceramics with a show titled: "Hot and Humid"

Pictured are three works by Miami-based ceramicist Brian Hively.
They are titled: "Red Totem, Like Moth to a flame, and Blue Totem". These are natural forms that speak about balance and order. Hively is very conscious of the spatial relationships between his forms. It comes across in this particular installation.

You can see more of Brian Hively's work here: [Link]

 Nan Smith's "Courtship", a glazed earthenware, china paint, and decals work of a female bust of a young woman with goblets, each with a male symbol of a playing card, and other signifiers of courtship. She demurely holds her hands against herself. The look of the figure is ambiguous, contemplative, serene but wistful.

See more of Ms. Smith's work here: [Link]

 Three works by Helen Otterson. Left to right: "Floral Burst", "Untitled", & "Botanica". A lot of Ms. Otterson's work has the quality of living forms. These are more floral than some of her work, which is influenced by culture slides from disease-bearing organisms and healthy cells.

See here: [Link]

  There are many works by a variety of ceramics artists in this show, so take time for this exhibit. 

Craftsmen Gallery, 509 Central Avenue, right on the corner of Central and 5th St.

--- Luis

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