Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan: Don't Breathe The Air

It's been hard staying focused on writing the blog while seeing the images from Japan after the quake. The devastation, death and displacement of so many is hard to imagine. We forget that we're here at Nature's sufferance.

The release of radiation from the damaged plants led to an advisory telling survivors to do the impossible: "Don't breathe the air". They meant not without a mask, of course.

The strength, will and resolve of the Japanese in the face of this dark hour is amazing. Stories of strangers sharing what little food they have, helping one another, of remaining calm and strong when every impulse is to panic or go into shock. A government that responded quickly, and a crew of 50 courageous nuclear power plant workers that have bravely remained on site to do their best to restrain the potential damage their crippled power plant may cause. They are being exposed to considerable radiation. Even if the plant holds, they will get radiation sickness and some will die. If this goes on, or the reactor blows (and no, it's not like a nuclear bomb), they will all die.

Survivors are using billboards as message boards, writing graffiti messages to loved ones with their names saying "We are alive".

My heart goes out to the Japanese.

--- Luis

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