Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Cool Art Show

The Coliseum

The Cool Art Show is named for its air-conditioned venue at the Coliseum building (535 4th Avenue North, St Pete), which is a giant Quonset hut-type design. It is a juried show put on by PAVA, the Professional Association of Visual Artists, once a year. This is their 23rd year doing this and this time they have around 75 artists in a variety of media. It has one more day, Sunday, July 17th, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and admission/parking is free. In this heat, the Cool Show is a great idea. PAVA is a nonprofit organization run by volunteer artists to serve local artisans and support the arts community in the Tampa Bay area. It provides exhibition and educational opportunities, quarterly publications, and many other resources for its members.

AT was at the Cool Art Show today, and highlighted some artists.

Sarah Thee Campagna and her Robots

 Sarah Thee Campagna makes cool robot sculptures that are dripping with character and look so real that she has to remind people that they're art, not functional. There were three that caught my attention in particular: The new "Longhorn", one with a clock in the main of its body, and the spider one in the corner. [Link].

Rick Savid and his portraits.
Rick Savid is a well-traveled photographer who has worn many hats in life. His focus is on people, particularly street-style portraits, the stuff of life, ephemeral, thin-slice, insightful, intensely human work.  He has worked as a photojournalist, been published in American Photo, Aperture, Black and White, and Focus magazines, and currently teaches at the Morean Arts Center. One of many standout pictures is the one on the lower left, of a little girl that looks like she walked out of a Gauguin painting, posing with a knowing Paradise Lost look, behind her, Western toys.

John Kellum (who was featured in the AT Gasparilla Guide earlier this year) makes very stylized, almost exhuberant clay tea pots in gorgeous colors. [Link].

Rebecca Skelton and her drawings

Rebecca Skelton, who excels in several media, is in the show with her feminine-themed exquisite drawings. [Link].

Joe Walles and his photographic prints.

Joe Walles, Rebecca's husband, is photo-editor of the St Pete Times, and does first-rate, classic street photography in black and white.

Tim Gibbons

Tim Gibbons works in a variety of styles and media, from the movie screen paintings (seen here on the left edge of the frame) to beautiful t-shirts. He's been featured here before at a show in Cafe Hey.

Bruce Ferguson and his mangrove paintings

Bruce Ferguson (reviewed here at Gasparilla 2011, and recently in one of the Cuban Sandwich Shows in Ybor Square) paints mangroves in a variety of settings and does so beautifully. [Link]

Carolina Cleere, two works.

Carolina Cleere has been featured here on several occasions, including Gasparilla 2011 and recently, the Brava show at Salt Creek Artworks. [Link] Beautifully conceived and executed mixed media works mostly about children. Pictured on left are two of her smaller and newer works check the link to see a lot more. [Link]

Misao Adachi and his work.

Misao Adachi has been featured here before, most recently from a one-man show at Salt Creek. He does gorgeous paintings of Japanese women in ethnic clothing, rich with color and symbology. [Link]

The Cool Art Show is cool in more ways than one. It is by far the best thing going on in town this Sunday (July 17th) at Coliseum building 535 4th Avenue North, St Pete. 10:00 AM - 5 PM. Free admission, free parking.

--- Luis

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