Monday, July 18, 2011

Street Art: Here Comes the Sun

 The economy is causing many businesses to close and board up. Black plywood frames where windows used to be are a grim thing to behold. Street artists are riffing off these readymade frames/spaces and easing our visual pain. Here is a good example. A distressed, fractured face with another on his mind, receives rays of sunlight, all on black plywood. This one is openly visible and thus liable to disappear soon. Speaking of disappearing, the alley wall art I documented here in "Street Art: Alley Gallery, a magnificent series of works sequestered in an alley has sadly been painted over. [Link] Now it only exists in the archives of Art Taco, the hard drives of whomever else photographed it, the memories of those who painted it, and the lucky few that beheld it. Only the works on the gray wall remain untouched.

Found a few blocks away from the sunrise and face above. I was out yesterday afternoon prowling for graffiti, ran across the Alley Gallery gone, and felt a sense of urgency that so many of these art works are appearing and vanishing before I can photograph them. If you are out and see street art, remember, it's a lot like performance art: short lived. Please document it, and send it my way. It will find its way onto these pages.

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