Monday, January 23, 2012

New Year, New Art @ Art Lofts

Art Lofts started off the New Year with their  New Art show on the 2nd Saturday Arts Walk. Their signage  is much improved, and the lights add visibility. They have plenty of art in the lobby by the elevator on the ground floor. The  new shows are at the upper floor lobby.

Susan Duda, "Namaste"

Susan Duda's "Namaste", a high-contrast photograph silhouetting a woman's figure is minimal, sensuous and evocative. The yoga pose and lighting (and maybe post-processing) help outline the figure and heighten its physicality.

"Heaven", by Kay Keeling, appears to be a collage piece with different kinds of colored and glittery paper, some with figures or heads, others with the names of plants, all alluding to heaven. It is a dazzlingly colored work.

Kas Turner is a seasoned artist working out of The Lofts. Her style seems to be Modernist. In Radiant Summer, we see an abstracted landscape at what could be sunset. There are abstract, geometric, colored forms cutting into the orange-red main of the painting. We can see the play of colors between the main of the field and the abstract geometrics. The feel of warmth, radiant warmth, is psychologically palpable. The three mysterious, ovoid shadow figures help define the foreground space and connect the foreground and background shadows. One thing about Ms. Turner's work to note is how all horizontal lines lead to the edgs of the frame. She is playing with the space beyond the picture.

Art Lofts Gallery

Congratulations to the Arts Lofts artists for ushering in the New Year with a memorable show.

--- Luis

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