Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shiny Side Up: Vintage Race/Cafe Racer Motorcyles @ Collective

Disclaimer: This isn't about art, but it was held in a gallery (which once held a bong show, believe it or not), and people loved it, so I'm including it here as a kind of fringe event. This may have been a vanity show. The Louvre has had a Formula 1 car on its walls. This is hardly the same thing, but I'll play along and stray for a moment.

These bikes were racers or cafe racers built by Floridian champion racer Scott Turner of Team Scott Racing.

On the left is a CB 350 Cafe Racer. What's a cafe racer? In between the intellectual/Left Bank era of cafes and the laptop, macho types created slick, fast rides like this one. Now and then, an actual (illegal) street race ensued, though most of it was about coolness. This is a classic example of the breed. 

CB 125S, 1974
Honda CB 160 Cafe Racer

In these bikes one sees the same pared-down designs, sleek, redone gas tanks, race seats, pipes, etc. The race bikes are far more spartan/functional than the cafe racers, which have style.

On the left and right, two views of a Honda CB 550 F, 1974.

Congratulations to Scott Turner and Collective Tattoo for an unusual show.

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