Friday, January 20, 2012

Resurrection: In the Zone, Fire Station #3's 2nd show.

Fire Station Three, front view with Hula Hoop Dancer.
Fire Station #3 (FS3) is an old, roomy building that Maryanne Lynch has renovated by keeping the walls in raw concrete & CBS block. It's a postmodern look, with a touch of prison/3rd world chic. The first opening was back in Sept. 2010 and was reviewed here [Link]. There were some problems with it, but bigger problems followed in the form of a zoning snag that took a long time to resolve. All that is behind FS3 now, and they've had their second opening.

Work by  Sabrina Small, David Steiner, Frank Strunk III, Tod Cameron, and John Revisky was shown. The event was not nearly as well-attended as the earlier one, because FS3 was unable to take advantage of the free advertising available for arts events on CL, TBT and TTT. Through a friend of mine, I was alerted, and managed to put it in the AT This Weekend section. A lot arts insiders showed up. Maryanne puts on a first-rate spread, something that is becoming a rare sight these days.

The show had no real curation, wasting the benefits of synergy between works to some degree.

David Steiner, "Flight of Icarus"

On the right is "Flight of Icarus", by David Steiner. It's a large , evocative, uplifting metal sculpture, about 6 ft tall. I spoke with David for some time. He's a savvy, dedicated artist based out of Sarasota.

Todd Cameron, "Gearhead

Todd Cameron's Big and Small Gearheads was a duet of metal sculptures involving gears, both under glass, like biological specimens.. The bigger one on the left was about 4 ft tall.

John Revisky, "Rock Hard"
John Revisky, "Soul Soup and Salvation"
John Revisky's "Rock Hard", a sensuous, lush 15x15 digital print was a graphic standout in this show. On the right is Revisky's "Soul Soup and Salvation", another erotic image, with a woman 'feeding' or squirting a liquid into a man's mouth. He lies abed, and a small nude boy has his back turned and does something by the lower left edge of the frame.

Sabrina Small, Messengers of Memories"
On the left, "Messengers of Memories", by Sabrina Small, looking like a large Far East icon, perhaps Persian or Russian, was made from hand stitching on gold vinyl. The rear-pointing arm, the multiple legs going in a different direction than the torso, and the figure on the left, the scroll it holds, bag it holds out, make for a mysterious narrative in this work. See more of Sabrina's work here: [Link].

Frank Strunk III, "Untitled"

Frank Strunk III, works in different media, but is best known for his metal sculptures. Here is a mixed-media work that speaks of being in forced close proximity, and at right angles to each other.

I want to thank all the artists, Ms. Lynch and FS3 for a good show. This was better than the first one, and while there's plenty of room for improvement, things are headed in the right direction.

--- Luis

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