Saturday, January 7, 2012

Street Art: The Triangle Artist

The style of artists is persistent, specially so in series. There's now been at least three graffiti pieces of women in triangles. They've all been in a small geographical area, and the artist signs his work with a self-portrait. The first time I ran into his work was with his Madonna and Child, with himself as the somewhat sarcastically lascivious-looking child. It's been shown here before when it was at another location, where it was painted over. He put it up elsewhere, and this is the 'new' version. Remember that face.

This is the latest one I've found. It sits in a fairly visible spot. The hair is painted around a corner. Like his other triangle pieces (the triangle is truncated here to avoid painting over another piece), the figure is an iconic female, powerful, relaxed and confident. They're definitely from a male angle, sexualized and stylized from that perspective. Note the highlighting, because it will reappear in another work I will be showing here soon.

On the right is a close-up of the signature, which is small (about 4" high) and just below the figure on the right. But the artist also included himself in the figure. 

In the image at left is a close-up of the belt buckle the figure is wearing, and there's the artist's face yet again. This is probably 2.5" tall.

--- Luis

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