Saturday, January 21, 2012

Spring Festival @ Olio

Saori and her crews are rapidly acquiring a reputation for first-rate installations in the very small space that is her Olio gallery. I'm not the only one noticing. One of St Pete's top gallerists has commented on an earlier installation in glowing tones. Olio gallery is located at 645 Central Ave, in the Crislip Arcade, on the left hand side as you go in.

Core of the "Spring Festival" installation.

This installation is titled "Spring Festival". An Oriental temple theme welcoming in the New Year, the space has expertly apportioned and designed sections that are discrete unto themselves and resonate with their neighbors and the entire space. For "Spring Festival", following crew was involved: Saori, Miko Matulis, Setsuko Phoenix, John Allison, Yanuary Navarro, Gregory Dirr, Darien Dirr, BC Woo, William Ralph McCutcheon, Sooky Kim, Joanna Ledingham, Dale Stanley, Sleep, Jennifer Kosharek, Kathryn Cole, Joshua Brennan, and Marc Levasseur. If many of those names sound familiar, they should. Several are from the 600/Central area, and others hail from the Thought Coalition from Boca Raton. At the desk in the picture at left, visitors were invited to write their best wishes for the new year, and many did.

Tree of Wishes

Those wishes went on this tree, which should look familiar to AT readers, since it was part of the earlier Winter Wonderland  installation.

Ralph McCutcheon, Offering table

One should move slowly through one of these installations, because with every millimeter shift in point of view, everything rearranges itself. This Offering Table was minimal in design, and maximal in effect.

This Buddha/Koi pond complete with Lotuses, was well-designed and executed. Ralph McCutcheon, BC Woo (Koi) and others made this tranquil, meditative corner a radiant feature of the installation.

Congratulations to Saori and every member of the crew for creating another memorable installation. This is not to be missed.

--- Luis

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